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Founded in Copenhagen, Denmark March 2017, Ambush Esport began our journey with a competitive CS:GO team along with a team of talented FIFA players. Ambush have given a strong foundation for the teams to improve and fulfil the potential of individuals both in skill and as public figures, role models and entertainers. Ambush provides a catalyst for players to perform at the highest level while the management team do their best to take care of the external factors that can help to improve our players, in this demanding environment.

CS:GO will always be in the Ambush DNA, and we have a huge respect for the Female scene, with teams, and with the hosting of the Ambush Female Cup’s and will continue our support.

Ambush has also become a respected player in the Rainbow 6 scene, always performing in the official Ubisoft official tournaments. Our current roster (2022) are defending runners up in the Nordics and Champions of Finland with a mix of raw talent and hard work.


Ambush management and staff, are a team of highly passionate esports organisation architects in combination with a strong commercial founder with a range of qualifications which have helped to reach a greater standard of expertise, knowledge and judgement within the esports scene as well as in business world. Each member of the management and staff team brings unique assets to help reach the overall goals within Ambush. With a range of degree courses such as, Leadership, Business Studies, Graphic Design, Marketing, and Economics we believe that there is a true brand identity that can be placed on the esports stage. We want to do things differently, and we dare to do it.

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